Salento Puglia a beautiful region in the heel of Italy

Salento Puglia is situated in the most Southern part of Italy, in Puglia, in the “heel” of Italy and includes the provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto
It is embraced by 2 seas. The Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. This makes it possible to see the sunrise above the Adriatic Sea and the sunset above the Ionian Sea, on the same day.

Because of it’s geographic position, in Salento you can find a mix of Oriental and Occidental culture and traditions, which you can still admire in the buildings, churches and masserie. The biggest cities are Lecce, with a beautiful baroque centre, Brindisi with it’s natural harbour and beautiful boulevard in the city center and Taranto.

The coasts of Salento Puglia are beautiful and vary from white sandy beaches to rocks and cliffs. The small towns are typical Mediterranean and the land is red coloured, because of the hight concentration of ferro.
One of the main characteristics of Salento is the immense amount of centenary olive trees.

Especially during the summer, every town organises “Sagre”. Local festivities where people come together in the “Piazza” to enjoy food, traditional music and to dance.
The traditional dance is called “Pizzica Pizzica”. The Pizzica in former times was a special rite in which people believed it could cure the bite of the Tarantula. During the last few years it has become more and more popular. Young and old dance this beautiful dance whenever they have the possibility, on the inciting notes of the tambourin and the accordeon.

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