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Frise  are little bread biscuits, made according to old traditional recipes from Salento.
To be sure to get an authentic product of a high quality, I personally paid a visit to the bakery in Carovigno. The baker Antonio still works with an original wood oven, and every morning he prepares the authentic bread from this area.
Wood of the pruning of the olive trees is used to heat up the oven. Antonio bakes, besides his own products, bread of the local people who bring their home-made dough. Because of their long keeping qualities, the Frise were most common in use, as it was not necessary baking bread every day.
Nowadays they are used for aperitifs, snacks or tasty summer plates.
Preparation and topping of the Frise
The basic preparation of the Frise before adding any toppings, is easy:
Put the Frise for 2 seconds only, in a boil of water so they become a little more tender (pay attention that you don’t keep them to long in the water, the will become to tender)
Dress with a nice amount of Lanzilotti Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Once the base is prepared you can add:
The traditional topping:

  • Cherry tomatoes cut in pieces, oregano, salt……a simple but delicious recipe.

Other toppings:

  • Cherry tomatoes, tuna fish, salt
  •  Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, rucola

Just use your imagination to make your own Frise
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A classic from the pouilles and italian kitchen
Ingredients: garlic, hot chili pepper, persil, salt
Classic use:
Heat Lanzilotti Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a bit of the spices Spaghettata Pugliese (quantity depends if you prefer more or less spicy) for about 1 minute. Cook the spaghetti al dente and add it to the pan with the spicy Olive Oil. fried for 1 minute. Serve hot and eventually add Parmesan cheese.
The spices Spaghettata Pugliese spices can be used to spice up your tomato sauce, meat, fish etc. as well. All according to your own taste.
Careful very spicy!
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