Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lanzilotti



Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lanzilotti, the finest quality olive oil from Puglia

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made of 3 different kinds of olives: 50% Ogliarola Salentina, 30% Leccino and 20% Piccolino.
Between the 1st of november and the 30th of december, when the olives reach the right ripening degree, they are mechanically harvested,
Within 24 hours after being harvested, the olives are milled

The acidity of this oil is less then 0,3%

This clear green-gold oil, has the delicate perfume of nuts and pin nuts with slight vegetal and fruity tones.

The taste is winning and balanced, rich of fresh fruit sensations, slightly almond-shaped at the end.


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Collina di Brindisi Lanzilotti

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Colline di Brindisi is a perfect balance between the olives Ogliarola Saletina (70%) and Leccino (30%)

The olives are mechanically harvested between the 1st of November and the 30th of December and milled within 24 hours.

The acidity is less then 0,3%

This Olio Extra vergine DOP Colline di Brindisi has a green-gold colour. It’s perfume brings vegetal notes, with a touch of fresh fruit, with traces of pear and banana peel.

The taste gives a caressing sensation of greasiness in the beginning and middle strength phenolic sensations in the end.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Collina di Brindisi was one of the first Oils getting DOP of the European Union.The regulations impose strict rules in the olive yard, with limitations on the productivity per hectare and the use of environmentally friendly methods.


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