Hetty de Vogel

My name is Hetty de Vogel.hetty2

I have a degree in International Management, accomplished in the Netherlands.

In my childhood, I have developed a great passion for Italy, where I spent my holidays together with my family for years. Having lots of friends and adoring their way of living and enjoying life, living in Italy was one of my big wishes. So after getting my degree at the age of 22, I left for Italy.

For more then 10 years I have worked in Italy as an export manager.
With my experience of working and living in Italy, and my never ending passion for the Italian food and lifestyle, I wanted to create something that would allow others to share this passion with me.

Thanks to a dear friend, I met mr. Giovanni Lanzilotti last year. His products and enthusiasm pushed me to create S.O.G.N.O..

S.O.G.N.O. means to me a dream come true and being able to share my passion for Italy with you all.

Why settle for less?



Look & Cook Puglia mini

miniversie Look & Cook Puglia NL


Salento, Puglia

Puglia with Salento (as the most southern part) is the region in the South of Italy where I get my products!